My name is Amanda, and I am the founder, owner, and creator of Simply Sassy Soaps. I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 children. I love to craft and always have little projects going. From knitting, scrap booking, photography, I love it all. I love that feeling of self-accomplishment of knowing that I created something.

When I came across soapmaking I was hooked. I love the thought of making my own products and knowing that they are good for my family. 

My kids love helping me make products as well. Whether it's making labels, packaging soaps or just helping me fulfill orders, they are right there helping me along the way.

I started making soaps for my daughter. She gets very dry and chapped hands every winter. They would crack and bleed and she would cry because they hurt her so bad. I would lather them every night with Vitamin E oil and religiously throughout the day put lotion on her hands. Still never helped. I didn't realize that what I was putting on her hands might actually be making them worse. 

One day at a craft show we came upon a lady selling handmade soaps and lotions. After trying them her hands were actually getting better. I noticed not only my daughter's, but my husband's as well. Even my own hands were feeling very soft. I didn't understand why her store-bought lotion, that was supposed to help moisturize her hands, contained alcohol as almost the second ingredient. I was trying to moisturize her hands and yet alcohol is very drying to the skin. Made no sense to me. So I started researching. 

After learning of all the harsh chemicals in store-bought products, I knew I could do better. And the rest is history. As I go along, I keep thinking and wanting to make new items and adding more and more. 

I thoroughly ENJOY what I do!!! If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to message me.